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A Glimpse About Us

The blender restaurant has been up & running for more than 10 years now, we’ve been present in this industry for a decade and have been able to please all kinds of taste buds and all type of taste profiles.

Our chefs have studied in the most prestigious culinary schools, and they help our restaurants by bringing back to life all of what they’ve learned in these schools. If you think that you’ve tasted all the best food that exist, then believe me, you’re wrong. Why? Because you still haven’t tasted ours.

We’ve opened our first restaurant in 2009 in downtown LA, and after a major success in 2005, we decided to open our second location in New York, and it’s seems like New Yorkers loved us as well. So, when will you come visit us to see why we got so successful?

Our Menu

We’ve got a long list of starters for you to enjoy, they’re adapted to all kinds of taste palates, from salty to spicy, from spicy to lemony. You get to find all the kinds of starters that you want, and enjoy all the food that you need.

Drinks are very refreshing, they’re delicious, cold, sometimes hot, but most importantly, they make you feel good. Well, our large selection of drinks, will make you lose your mind. We’ve got fresh drinks, cold ones, hot ones, and even spicy ones. So, are you up for a challenge?

For our main dishes, we like to keep it simple, we’ve got dishes from all around the world. We’ve got Indian-inspired dishes, Mexican-inspired dishes, Turkish-inspired dishes, Moroccan-inspired dishes, and so much more. All you’ve got do, is take a look at our menu.

Nothing can break off a pile of savory food like sweet desserts. We make our dessert in our kitchen and they’re always fresh & tasty. We make sure to make them as delicious as possible by using only high-quality ingredients. So, how about some Panna Cotta?

Download our Menu in PDF

Enjoy Our New Pasta Salad With Juicy Grilled Steaks!

Nothing beats our new pasta salad. You’ve got everything you need, protein from the juicy steaks, carbs from the yummy pesto pasta, and fried vegetables for your green needs! What’s more to ask?

Enjoy our new burgers!
With extra fries!

Still wondering what to take for dinner? Would you like something interesting? Well, we have the perfect combination. Our flavored falafel sandwiches are delicious, and they come with a selection of carbohydrates called french fries!

Enjoy Our New Luxury Shrimp Bites Lobster Bites!

If you’re craving something fancy, eye-pleasing and perfectly delicious, then come taste our shrimp lobster bites. They’re specially made
for seafood lovers, and for anyone who just misses the summer beach vibes.

What We Do Best

Best dishes
in New York & LA

We do as we say we do; our dishes are one of the best in New York & LA. We only use high-quality ingredients, and serve high-quality dishes. All you have to do is taste our food and you’ll become immediately converted. So; what are you waiting for?

The best chefs
in the world

It’s no secret that we only hire the best of the best. Our chefs come from prestigious culinary schools, and serve only the best food. That’s why we’re certified as a 5-star restaurant, need we say more? I believe not.  So, why not come drop us a visit?

The best customer

Another thing we do great is our customer experience. We’ve never heard of any complaints before because we go beyond & above in order to let our customers feel comfortable.

What our customers say

The Blender honestly is a restaurant that is worth all the money you’ll be putting in it. I’ve went me and my friend for the first time a month ago, and I was hooked. The food is extremely delicious, and this coming from a foodie!

Thomas Gillen, Restaurant’s guest

I’ve never in my life, tasted something as delicious. The Blender restaurant offer great food, and the culinary experience is just over the top. I’ll surely come visit every now and then, because they’re the best.

Arthur Benjamin, Restaurant’s guest

The first time I heard about the blender restaurant was through a friend, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I just went there to try, and surprise, now I’m a loyal client who’s been going every now and then for the last 3 years.

Anna Hoffman, Restaurant’s guest

If you’re looking for the best culinary experience possible, then you must immediately go to the Blender! They’ve got amazing food, and amazing customer service! Thank you for all the food!

Illy Delires, Restaurant’s guest


Road of eve, 34th street,
downtown LA, 10922, USA

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+3 066 954-33-564

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